Focus on Energy Rebates

The Focus on Energy Program

The Focus on Energy rebate program was created by the Wisconsin Department of Energy (DoE). It’s mission is to strengthen Wisconsin’s economy by reducing inefficient energy consumption across the state.

To the Wisconsin home and business owner, this translates into financial returns and a more comfortable home or business.

Here’s an example of how the program works: You or an approved contractor make improvements to your building–like upgrading the furnace or insulation. There’s a bit of paperwork, and you either get an upfront discount on the project or receive a check in the mail for the rebate amount.

How to Get Insulation Rebates Through Focus on Energy

We are a program-approved contractor and can therefore qualify residential projects for rebates. For residential insulation and air sealing projects, here’s how the process typically proceeds:
  1. Contact us to schedule an in-home inspection to verify project safety and determine the best way to accomplish your objectives.
  2. We’ll create a quote for the work and apply every applicable rebate. (Many contractors in the program ask you to pay full price upfront and wait to receive a rebate check from the state. Instead of doing that, we reduce your quote by the rebate amount so you don’t need to wait for your money.)
  3. If you approve of the quote, we’ll schedule a day to complete the work. We’ll conduct a post-work inspection prior to finishing up that day (on occasion we must return later for the post-project inspection).
*On very rare occasion, home owners who receive a rebate may be contacted by Focus on Energy to review the project with you.

FAQs for Focus on Energy

What Rebates are Available?

Each offers a different rebate amount, but they typically range from $100 – $600 and can be combined.

The program changes each year, but the insulation/air sealing rebates usually fall into the following categories:

  • Ceiling and attic insulation upgrades
  • Exterior wall insulation upgrades
  • Exposed floor insulation upgrades
  • Whole home air sealing upgrades


Qualifying is based on existing insulation or air sealing quality and square footage.

Do I Qualify for a Rebate?


If you’re looking into insulation or air sealing and it’s not for a newly constructed home, you’re probably eligible. If your insulation is more than 10-15 years old or your home is more than 20 years old, you’re probably eligible.

There is only one way to know which rebates your home qualifies for: a inspection conducted by an approved contractor. This program requirement exists because the assessment must be made by a building-science certified contractor.

Which Rebates Do I Qualify For?

Matching Rebates & Objectives

The question often becomes not if but which of the rebates you qualify for and whether they match your project objectives.

For example, you may qualify for the exterior wall upgrades rebate, but you may not be interested in new wall insulation. But if you’re improving walls and are short of the required area, we’ll recommend the best way to capture the rebate.

During the home inspection, we’ll discuss the current program requirements and how they apply to your objectives.


State Rebates & Incentives

Many (though not all) Wisconsin insulation projects are eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates through the state’s Department of Energy. We typically are able to help at least one client capture a rebate each week.

We are certified to implement these rebates and complete nearly all the paperwork for you. We even instantly discount the rebate from your invoice, so you’re not left waiting for the rebate check to arrive.

Know YOUR Numbers

Planning with general numbers often leads to inaccurate estimations and budgets. That’s one of the many reasons we offer free estimates. Whether you need a quick fix or are planning for work next year, work with actual numbers specific to you.