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Why we are

The Top Insulation Company of Madison, Wisconsin

Our consistently high reviews and numerous awards speak to our quality. The real difference, however, is big picture thinking. 

We use better insulation for our northern climate which pays for itself through far superior energy efficiency. We automatically loop in Wisconsin rebates for insulation improvements. We offer permanent solutions at the lowest price. 

You will literally feel the difference.


State Rebates & Incentives

Many (though not all) insulation projects are eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates through the Wisconsin Department of Energy. We typically capture at least 1 rebate per week for our clients.

We are certified to implement these rebates and complete nearly all the paperwork for you. We even instantly discount the rebate from your invoice, so you’re not left waiting for the rebate check to arrive.

Concrete Lifting

Using next-generation technology, we precision-lift concrete driveways, sidewalks, stoops, and more. The slabs never re-sink, and the lift costs a fraction of replacement. 


by Location

We insulate well over 100 attics every year. 

Due to our research-based approach, the improvements we make typically pay for themselves within a few years through lower heating bills. It works that well.

Walls typically represent the majority of exterior surfaces separating the inside from out. They dictate a large portion of the comfort and efficiency of a home. In many cases, walls can be insulated through access holes rather than requiring drywall removal.

Many people finish parts of their basement and rarely use the area because it’s cold.

Certain insulations struggle in high moisture environments like foundation walls. Make sure you can use your basement as intended.


We are a top-rated spray foam insulation contractor for a reason. Spray foam is challenging to work with, but over a decade of experience means we’ll get the job done right the first time.

Cellulose is a blown insulation used in attics and walls. Far more effective than standard insulation, we have blown cellulose insulation into thousands of homes in Madison and Southern Wisconsin. 

Fiberglass typically is the least expensive insulation option initially. Lower heating bills from the more effective cellulose insulation, however, typically make fiberglass the more expensive option if you’re paying the heating bills.


by Problem

High Heating Bills

A Great Investment

Improving insulation in most Wisconsin homes is a better investment than the stock market. That’s how much energy is wasted from low quality or insufficient insulation and excessive air leakage.

Get the benefits of good insulation–comfort, quiet, and environmentally friendly–while getting better returns on your investment without any risk. It’s not too good to be true. It’s just good insulation and basic math.

Always Cold

Be Comfortable in Your Home

Your thermometer reads 70 but it feels like 60. Instead of cranking the heat, you can get better insulation.

Radiant heat loss, air infiltration, and low R-Value are a recipe for discomfort. A few critical fixes can make a big difference. You deserve to be comfortable in your own home, no matter the outside temp.

Moisture & Ice Dams

Safety and Preventing Damage

Far more problems arise from bad insulation than many people realize. The primary reason for this is water carried in the air. (This is the water that causes humidity.) The warmer the air, the more water it can carry.

When warm summer air hits a wall cooled by air conditioning, the air cools and drops its water on the wall. The same thing happens in winter, but on the other side of the wall. Either way, where there’s water, there’s mold, rot, and more.