Insulation Removal
Madison, WI

Insulation Removal


Whether your insulation needs an update or sections have become damaged by moisture or rodents, we’ll find the most cost effective solution for your project.

We became an insulation removal contractor decades ago and have removed insulation from countless attics, walls, basements, and crawlspaces.

Insulation Removal Process

  1. Initial on-site inspection and price estimate
  2. Confirm and schedule project
  3. Dumpster drop off day before or morning of project (if required)
  4. Team arrives to complete insulation removal


Please note:

This process can be incredibly dusty, and our team will contain the particles as much as possible. However, additional cleanup by the homeowner is typically required after airborne dust settles.

FAQs for Insulation Removal

Does Insulation Type Matter?


The type of insulation partially determines the speed, and therefore cost, at which insulation removal companies can work. However, other factors play a much larger role in project scope than the type of insulation. For example, accessibility issues and debris can drastically slow the process.

Do you remove Asbestos?


We do not, though we can identify it. Asbestos removal requires specialized and costly equipment, and we have chosen to invest our resources in other services and cost-reducing processes.

If you suspect asbestos, do not disturb it as the airborne dust particles are hazardous. Contact an expert immediately.

Can You Insulate Over Old Insulation?


Some insulation companies will always recommend full replacement. However, we utilize the existing insulation when possible to reduce both costs and total waste that’s sent to landfills around Madison. If your current insulation isn’t overly aged or damaged, we likely have methods to extend its life without compromising total insulation quality.

How Long Does Insulation Removal Take?

Usually 1-2 Days

A typical house attic will take 1 to 2 days to pull out existing insulation. Debris, hardened insulation, and tight spaces cause the most delays.

Keep in mind that this is a difficult and physically demanding task. The process always takes longer than many people expect.

How Much Does Insulation Removal Cost?

That Varies Wildly

Because site specific factors have so much impact on the pace of removal, any figures we offer without seeing the area first are likely to be wildly misleading. This is one of the many reasons why we offer free estimates. It’s also why we work hard to extend the life of existing insulation rather than replace it.

Do You Replace the Removed Insulation?

Almost Always

Generally speaking, we either replace the removed insulation the same or next day.

In some cases, we’ll remove the insulation and schedule a later date to install the new insulation. This typically occurs during renovation projects.



State Rebates & Incentives

Many (though not all) Wisconsin insulation projects are eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates through the state’s Department of Energy. We typically capture at least 1 rebate per week for our clients.

We are certified to implement these rebates and complete nearly all the paperwork for you. We even instantly discount the rebate from your invoice, so you’re not left waiting for the rebate check to arrive.

Know YOUR Numbers

Planning with general numbers often leads to inaccurate estimations and budgets. That’s one of the many reasons we offer free estimates. Whether you need a quick fix or are planning for work next year, work with actual numbers specific to you.