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Controlled Ventilation Systems

The solution to mold and moisture in your newly built home is to "build tight and ventilate right." With over 30 years of experience, Duerst Insulation Technicians has the knowledge to identify and resolve your indoor air quality problems. 

Causes of Mold and Moisture Problems

If you have mold or moisture in your home, it is most likely caused by:
  • Plumbing or roofing leak
  • Poorly installed insulation which causes condensation
  • Poor construction
  • Lack of proper ventilation, e.g. improperly installed bath fans

A Complete Ventilation Package 

The solution to your problems is to have your home properly insulated so that no air moves through your walls. For many homes, high-quality bath fans effectively remove moisture at the source. In some cases, a higher level ventilation system may be required. 

Contact us today for a FREE estimate and assessment of your home's ventilation system. We will evaluate your ventilation system and install the needed ventilation chutes in your home or business. Without proper ventilation, your home may not have the right temperature. 
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