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Quality Insulation Matters

Whether it's a new or existing building, investing in a quality insulation system pays dividends. However, insulating an existing structure requires different skills and expertise than a new structure. That's why choosing the right contractor with the right experience and equipment is so important.

At Duerst Insulation Technicians, our team is committed to solving your problems and making your home comfortable after our services are completed. Our team has been in business for over 16 years and has over 30 years of experience. Trust us for your next construction or remodel!

Professional Insulation Installation and Removal

  • Residential
  • New construction
  • Existing home
  • Commercial
  • Insulation removal
  • Insulation installation

New Home Insulation Systems

Our team is dedicated to finding the right insulation that will keep your home or business perfect throughout any month. New construction can be fun for new homeowners, but it's important to realize you'll only have one chance to insulate your new home. 

Choosing a premium insulation system will reward you with a home that'll have lower operating costs, be more comfortable, and allow you to enjoy better indoor air quality, as well as maintain your home's re-sale value.

Existing Home Insulation Systems

Insulating your existing home can be one of the best ways to protect your investment. High energy costs (both heating and cooling) are evident in structures with adequate insulation.

Homes that were built before 1980 are usually inadequately insulated, while homes that were built before 1960 typically have no insulation unless added later.
Insulation installation

Learn About the Benefits of Insulation

  • Lower your energy bill: recoup your investment in additional insulation over a period of years. You save even more as energy costs rise. In essence, your utility company will be paying for the improvements. 
  • You will be more comfortable: insulating and weather sealing your home or business will significantly reduce drafts and cold rooms.
  • Your building will increase in value: several studies have shown that building values increase when energy efficient improvements are made. New home buyers can afford larger house payments (thus higher priced houses) if the energy costs are lower than a comparable home.
  • Your building will be safer: the products we use are U.L. listed Class 1 fire resistant materials.
  • Your building will be quieter: our products have superior sound deadening properties.
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"I contacted Duerst to get a second estimate after receiving a similar estimate from a competitor insulation company. I was impressed that the Duerst estimate was substantially lower than the competitor bid. The installation crew did a nice job keeping the mess to a minimum. They were very thorough with the cleanup. I would definitely recommend Duerst to family and friends."

-M. Scribner, Arlington, 5 stars
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