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Concrete lifting

Non-invasive Concrete Lifting

Do you have a concrete slab that has sunk and dropped down to an unsafe or unsightly level? Thanks to Duerst Insulation Technicians, you can have that concrete lifted and leveled through a non-invasive, dime-sized access point! Afterward, we'll close that access point and you'll barely be able to tell we were there! 

Lifting, Stabilizing and Leveling Concrete

Using our closed-cell polyurethane, we inject insulation underneath your concrete slab. This compacts loose soil and fills voids in order to lift, stabilize, and level your concrete slab. 

Because we use polyurethane, you will not have this problem again. The soil cannot be washed out from under the concrete and the foam will last a lifetime without deteriorating. 

This material lasts longer than traditional mud jacking because it's not exposed to sunlight. If your concrete is in decent condition, contact us today for a FREE estimate on your concrete lifting service. We'll fill the dime-sized access points so you'll barely know we're there.
Penny and hole

Guaranteeing Our Work

After over 16 years in business, we've developed a tried-and-true method of positive customer service. In order to back your service, you'll get a 2-year guarantee on your concrete lifting. If you have any problem, we will always come back to resolve it. 
Access Points
"Duerst has done an excellent job on our slab jacking. Before it was looking really bad, slabs sunk in about 3-4 inches. Now it looks like brand new."

- C. Ray, Madison
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