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Air sealing

Air Sealing Services

At Duerst Insulation Technicians, we want to make your home comfortable with our services. That's why we always take care of the entire process that comes with your package. Air sealing is a service we provide as part of insulation installation to seal up any air penetration and eliminate any air leaks.

What Is Air Sealing?

In order to increase the efficiency of your home, our technicians will air seal your chimney, the top plate, the area around can lights, and bathroom and kitchen fans. 

This is only a portion of the full-service installation work that we provide in order to ensure that everything is sealed correctly. 
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"Your service is great! Your install technicians are friendly, ask questions, and careful in what they do. Your quote was complete and detailed all work to be done. Thank you!"

-K. Kempfert, Belleville, 5 stars
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